Animation Studies is the Society for Animation Studies’ double-blind peer-reviewed online journal. It is devoted to the history, theory, aesthetics and practice of animated media.

The journal invites original English-language essays (5,000-10,000 words, including endnotes and bibliography) addressing animated works from any part of the world. 


Animation Studies has one volume per year, published in two parts: a first one in May and a second one in November. The journal accepts submissions all year round. However, authors should be aware that essays submitted by March 1st will be considered for publication in November of that same year, while essays submitted between March 2nd and October 30th will be published in May of the following year. Please consult our Submission Guidelines for detailed instructions.


If you have questions concerning the journal, please contact editors Cristina Formenti and Mihaela Mihailova at journal@animationstudies.org.


All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons license and are available for download free of charge. Articles are available in HTML (all volumes) and PDF (Volumes 1-7, and Animated Dialogues). If you prefer to see the text in HTML or are looking for previously published articles, please use the navigation sidebar to jump to the respective sections.