Michelle Ann Abate – Hogan’s Alley in the Enchanted Forest: R. F. Outcault’s The Yellow Kid and Walt Disney’s Dopey

The centrality of both Richard Felton Outcault and Walt Disney to the development of cartooning in the United States is difficult to overstate. R. F. Outcault, as he was known professionally, is commonly credited with being “The Father of the American Sunday Comics” (Olson). On May 1, 1895, the cartoonist published the first installment of […]

Li Guo – Toward a New Media Ecology: Aesthetic Experiments in Post-Socialist Chinese Animated Documentaries

“This is firmly a documentary, but it’s stretching the boundaries of what documentaries can do….The frame that is used around Amin’s story is so fascinating: In a way, yes, it takes us to his memories and imaginations, but it’s also so honest because the filmmaking process itself is in the film” (see Kohn 2022).   […]

Anastasiia Gushchina – Towards a Materialist Theory of Animated Documentary

Introduction In the last two decades, cinema scholars have noted the proliferation of documentary animation – a film genre that blends factual content with a fictional form and frequently aims to show ‘unrepresentable’ human experiences (Formenti 1; Honess Roe, Animated Documentary 22-26). I would like to acknowledge that this definition is quite broad, and it […]

JS Wu – Hand of Artist, Voice of Griot: A Poetics of African Animation in the Films of Jean-Michel Kibushi

Préserver la tradition orale dans un monde moderne et transmettre l’héritage culturel de l’Afrique à des jeunes par le biais de l’audiovisuel et de la rencontre des cultures, telle est ma préoccupation fondamentale en tant que réalisateur. To preserve the oral tradition in a modern world and to transmit the cultural heritage of Africa to […]