Tariq Alrimawi – Uses of Arabic Calligraphy in Religious Animated Films

The aim of this paper is to examine and understand the uses of Arabic calligraphy as a visual language tool in animated films. The results of this exploration will enable Arab animators to use religious stories adapted from the Qur’an to make animated films for the domestic and international animation market. Most of the Islamic […]

Rose Bond – Poetics and Public Projection: Layered History, Redrawn Memory

In 2002, I stood in the street in Old Town Portland, my eyes trained on the second-story windows of the New Wah Mae building. We were running an alignment test for my first animated installation, Illumination No.1.  When the windows lit up, I was caught off guard. My moving images, the drawings so repetitively familiar […]

João Paulo Amaral Schlittler – Animation as a Transmedia Interface

What if you could peek into any building, office, home and follow stories? What if you could collaborate building these stories? Attempting to answer these questions through the creation of virtual worlds may help understand transmedia experiences. These worlds constitute interfaces that allow users to interact with audiovisual content in multiple media and platforms, serving […]

Lienors Torre – Persona, Celebrity, and the Animated Object

The Voice Persona of Animation When we think of persona and animation, one of the first things that come to mind is the voice-actor, particularly if they are a celebrity. The character Po in, Kung Fu Panda (Osborne & Stevenson, 2008) is unmistakably voiced by celebrity actor Jack Black and a great deal of Jack […]

Cátia Peres – Out of Gravity: Physics in animation and in the films of Hayao Miyazaki

Historical context on physics, physicality and behaviour From an historical point of view, physics played a role in animation when defying the laws of physics and physicality since its inception. When Émile Cohl brought Fantasmagorie (1908) to the screen, the world witnessed a figure on a black screen transforming its shape and its physicality, floating […]