Pedro Serrazina – Narrative Space: From Ozu to Paul Driessen and Raimund Krumme

Halfway through the short film David (Driessen, 1977), the audience faces an empty screen. For over two minutes of the total of nine, we are left to stare at an empty rectangle painted in faded yellow, while David, an invisible character, addresses the audience. Rather than doing what animators love the most (and are taught […]

Paritosh Singh – Animating Indianness: A study of assimilating Indian images in a western narrative

1            Introduction Stories have always been an integral part of every society and culture. Storytelling is the most common means of sharing experiences. It majorly influences various aspects of our life and plays a vital role in defining our values, desires and dreams. Stories can be considered as universal since they bridge the gaps between […]

Rachel Walls – Waterline: A documentation of process and interdisciplinary collaboration between tranSTURM and blackhole-factory

Author’s Note As a member of tranSTURM, I was personally involved in this project. The interaction between groups that comprise musicians, architects, animators, choreographers, dancers, and sculptors is difficult to constrain or contain within a single theoretical or methodological container. Bringing two creative collectives together is a meeting of multiple minds and influences. The diversity […]

Leila Honari – Reflecting on Proto-Animation Techniques in the Mandalic Forms of Persian Traditional Arts

Introduction Histories of cinema as an artform tend to start in the early nineteenth century and consider cinema as the convergence of two different practices that developed in parallel, only coming together at the end of the century. The first is the capture of still photoreal images in a chemical medium, known as photography. The […]