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7 thoughts on “Contact & Legal Information

  • Hello , after participating the conference in Medlobourne
    I would like to Hello All
    Hello , this is carol poon man wai. After participating the conference in Melbourne on 2007. I have submitted my paper “A Longitudinal Study of the Images of Women as represented in Postwar Japanese Anime ”to the conference. And, I have kept contact with Amanda Third for a long time. And, the final email she send to me is requiring a bio from me on May 2008. You can find the email as follows:
    “ You will be glad to know that publication of your good work IS progressing and Nichola Dobson, from the animation journal has pointed out “We need to know a bit about the author, a short bio generally where they are based is enough, but its up to them what gets put on.” so please send ASAP a short bio: so we can cross this task off our shortening lists. Amanda Third and Dirk de Bruyn
    And, before this email. Amanda has told me that my paper was accepted on October 2007.
    “Dear Carol
    Thanks for your submission. We are currently editing your article and will forward you an edited version shortly for checking. In the meantime, can you please confirm that you have obtained written permission to publish the images you use as per the guidelines we sent you earlier (copied below)?We will also require copies of your images in low resolution web-ready formats sent to us as separate documents (ie: not embedded in the article). Can you please send these as soon as possible.Thanks Carol
    Dirk and Amanda”
    And after that, I didn’t received any email from Amanda.
    Would you please kindly help to follow up?
    Thank you very much!

  • Hello from Greece
    I’d like to know if I can be informed as for the next volume of ASOJ.
    Is it possible to send me a notification?
    Have you a kind a newsletter?
    Dr May Kokkidou

  • I want to send an article to your journal.
    could you give an information about when you will publish the next volume?

  • I was wondering if you/ Animation Studies would be interested in Bloomsbury sending you a reviewer’s copy of my recently published monograph ‘The Art of Czech Animation’? Do please let me know if so. There is a fair amount of engagement with Furniss, Cholodenko, Wells and Batkin, amongst other academics you have published previously. My book is a work of materialist film theory and covers animators including Trnka, Týrlová, Švankmajer, Barta and Pavlátová. I hope you are interested!

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