Submission Guidelines

Society for Animation Studies members are invited to submit conference papers from conferences they have participated in, especially SAS conferences past and present. Where calls for papers for upcoming conferences have been issued, members can submit full papers if institutional funding requires it.

All papers are subject to peer review and presentation; acceptance of a paper at a conference is not a guarantee of publication. If a paper is accepted for a conference but not presented it can still be considered, subject to agreement by the editorial board. We also consider papers not presented at conferences, subject to agreement by the editorial board.

Papers will be double-blind refereed where possible and comments collated and returned to the author by the editor.

The journal editions run on an annual basis with papers accepted throughout the year, but the volume is closed at calendar year end.  In order to simplify the refereeing and submission, papers will be accepted at deadlines throughout the year.  We invite authors to submit papers twice per year – usually in January and again in June.

We strongly encourage the submission of past papers in order to establish a useful archive of work which members can access.  We also encourage the submission of links to other publications or bibliographic citations where conference papers have been published elsewhere.

Papers are not limited to word length, though it is expected that the paper will not exceed that of the presentation, or a reasonable approximation of it. Authors may be required to revise their conference presentations, but the text should still provide a reasonable representation of the material presented at the conference.

Images are welcomed but authors must seek permissions to reproduce them in the journal. Rights owners must be identified in the caption, in the manner specified by the rights owner in a release form signed by that individual. Articles are published under Creative Commons regulations, which allows the author to retain copyright but allows free distribution of the work for educational purposes. Creative Commons is in line with progressive online publishing practices.

There are no submission or publication fees to publish with Animation Studies.

Formatting Guidelines:

Email your paper to editors Mihaela Mihailova and Cristina Formenti at, as follows:

  1. Send in Word (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) format. Please do not send PDFs.
  2. Ensure all references have been converted to Harvard Referencing style.
  3. Ensure all footnotes have been converted to endnotes, via Word’s referencing function. Please do not generate endnotes manually.
  4. Include a cover page with: your name, institutional affiliation, title of paper, conference at which it was presented, date of conference presentation, 5-7 keywords pertaining to the article, and short author biography (20-30 words). Please do not send the cover page as a separate document.
  5. Please do not embed images in your paper; indicate in parentheses where they should appear
  6. Submit images as separate JPG files, with the naming convention “Lastname, Firstname – Figure #.JPG”

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