Hannes Rall and Emma Harper – Re-inventing Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre for Immersive Animation: A Practice-oriented Case Study

Introduction Animation is a filmic medium that is particularly well suited for creating visual equivalents of poetic language. According to Wells, “animation accentuates the intended ‘feeling’ of the text through its very abstractness in the use of colour, form and movement…animation simultaneously literalizes and abstracts” (1999, 208). This sentiment is echoed in a remark by […]

Zilia Zara-Papp – Reinvention and Reimagination Brought to Life in Children’s Animation Adapted from Literature – A Comparative Study of Elements of Art History from Australia, Japan and Europe

Children’s animation adapted from literature – including short stories, folk tales and ancient myths – showcases diverse approaches of reinventing and reimagining elements of art history within the animated works, depending on their specific cultural sources. Furthermore, this reliance upon native cultural art as source material knows no geographic bounds.  As this paper will demonstrate, […]

Hannes Rall – Tradigital Mythmaking: New Asian Design Ideas for Animation

Introduction “Tradigital Mythmaking” might seem to be an unusual venture at first—a German animator and animation scholar working with young Asian artists to create new concepts for animation that are based on Asian mythologies and artistic traditions. An excursion into my own artistic and research background will establish the project in a wider context and […]