Kristian Jared Robinson – Between a “Rock” and a Hard Place: The Hybridization of Analog and Digital in The Iron Giant

Introduction In his thought-provoking, seminal text Animating Space: From Mickey to Wall-E (2010), J.P. Telotte highlights that the hybridized animated film signifies a fascinating sub-discipline of animation studies that has thus far gone under-researched. Utilizing the case study of Robert Zemeckis’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Telotte makes the argument that traditional hand-drawn animation was […]

Ian Murphy & Saint John Walker – “Make it more invisible”: Hollywood VFX Training Crosstalk on the Transatlantic Fiber Optic

Many global media corporations aspire towards a 24-hour production line for animated content. As the US West Coast sleeps, media files can be sent to another low-cost territory in a preceding time zone to continue the work, maybe multiple times, chasing the sun. Technicolor-owned MPC (originally the Moving Picture Company) is one of the world’s […]

Qing Sheng Ang – A painting-inspired approach to develop exploration in 3D animation visual style

Painting is a mode of pictorial expression that has spanned centuries. One can speak of the Impressionist or Baroque as recognizable styles in painting. In stark contrast, 3D Computer Graphics (CG) was only introduced in the 1970s by engineers from Pixar (Bendazzi, 2016, p. 17). When speaking about recognizable styles in 3D CG, one may […]

Karen Kriss – Tactility and the Changing Close-up

The continued evolution of film in the digital realm, and the increased reliance on CGI and VFX elements in Hollywood film, have made it imperative to analyse not just the effect of these on image production, but also on the narrative techniques within cinema. Contemporary films now contain a significant proportion of computer graphics; at […]

Animating, Ani-Morphing and Un-ani-morphing of the Evolutionary Process in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

Produced and hosted by astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan, the television documentary mini-series Cosmos (1980) aimed to renew scientific interest among the general public, in light of the growing popularity of pseudo-scientific ideas, such as astrology. Since its original broadcast, Cosmos has long been considered a milestone in the scientific documentary genre, due to its […]