Jacqueline Ristola – Recreating Reality: Waltz With Bashir, Persepolis, and the Documentary Genre

Is a digital image consisting of dots and lines and digital information, is it more real? Is a drawn image, talking with real sound, less true? Who can say? Who is to judge? (Ari Folman, 2008) We are practically drowning in the present; we are practically drowning in the past. (Nicholas Rombes 2009, p. 96) […]

Amy Ratelle – Half-breed Dog, Half-breed Film: Balto as Animelodrama

Linda Willams (1998) defines melodrama as “a peculiarly democratic and American form that seeks dramatic revelation of moral and emotional truths through a dialectic of pathos and action” (p. 42). This emphasis on moral and emotional truth, as opposed to cinematic realism or adherence to historical fact positions the figure of the “suffering innocent” (p. […]