Ellen Rocha – Beyond Materiality in Animation: Sensuous Perception and Touch in the Tactile Existence of “Would a Heart Die?”

Originating at the end of the nineteenth century, three-dimensional stop-motion animation has been an exclusively manual animation practice, in which the direct manipulation of handmade puppets and models allows a more tactile approach of the physical act of animating and a more sensuous perception of the tangible by the viewer, that is, the elicitation of […]

Kirsten Thompson – “Quick–Like a Bunny!” The Ink and Paint Machine, Female Labor and Color Production

From the 1920s through the 1960s, the animation industry was a labor force segregated by gender, in which women were almost entirely restricted to the Inking and Paint department. Indeed, despite notable exceptions like Mary Blair and LaVerne Harding, Disney correspondence and internal papers show how women were regularly rejected as applicants or referred to […]