João Paulo Amaral Schlittler – Animation as a Transmedia Interface

What if you could peek into any building, office, home and follow stories? What if you could collaborate building these stories? Attempting to answer these questions through the creation of virtual worlds may help understand transmedia experiences. These worlds constitute interfaces that allow users to interact with audiovisual content in multiple media and platforms, serving […]

João Paulo Amaral Schlittler – Motion Graphics and Animation

Introduction One great challenge a designer working in the motion graphics field may encounter is defining the field itself. Having worked as a broadcast designer in cable television and later, when I entered the academic environment, I constantly confront this issue whenever I am faced with the question: What is motion graphics? Invariably, I hesitate, […]

Beatriz Herráiz Zornoza – Dot: Animation in theatre for children

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art. John Lasseter Introduction This research aims to shed some light on the relationship between animation and contemporary theatre. It is oriented in two directions; one that involves reading and analysing sources and the other is due to having been part of a team repeatedly […]