Lisa Scoggin – Grief, Myth, and Music in Tomm Moore’s Song of the Sea

Director Tomm Moore achieved some fame with his first feature, The Secret of Kells, which describes a fictional story of the illustrator of the Book of Kells as a child.  His second feature, Song of the Sea (2014), uses various Irish myths – most notably that of the Selkie – in a relatively modern setting […]

Cinzia Bottini – The Orchestration of Emotions in Jerzy Kucia’s Animation

“A film is about feeling.” Jerzy Kucia A lifelong “emotional animated documentary” on the Polish landscape Polish animator Jerzy Kucia’s films are about journeys – ordinary men and women travel from one place to another by different means of transport, such as a train as in Return (Powrót, 1972), a bicycle as in The Barrier […]

Gunnar Strøm – The Two Golden Ages of Animated Music Video

Music videos have been being made since the mid 1960s and had their breakthrough in the mid 1970s. Since then it has been the main marketing tool for breaking new pop and rock artists in the international market. When MTV opened on August 1st 1981 by showing the video Video Killed the Radio Star (Russel […]