Dietmar Meinel – “Space: The Final Fun‐tier” – Returning Home to the Frontier in Pixar’s WALL‐E

Earth: The Final Frontier Pixar’s 2008 film WALL-E is set in a post-apocalyptic twenty-ninth century, in which humanity has left an uninhabitable Earth because its waste and garbage production led to global environmental destruction. Robots were left behind in order to clean Earth until its environment would suit human life again, but the ordeal of […]

Colleen Montgomery – Woody’s Roundup and Wall-E’s Wunderkammer: Technophilia and Nostalgia in Pixar Animation

“Two words: ‘Sput-nik.’ Once the astronauts went up, children only wanted to play with space toys.” – Pete the Prospector, Toy Story 2 Although Pixar Animation’s corporate identity has long been tied to the studio’s advancement of digital animation technologies, many of Pixar’s films paradoxically seem to highlight, and even champion, disused, archaic and obsolete […]