Kay Kane – Animation as Conservation: Classical Values in Contemporary Practice

Something curious happened to visual fine art over the course of the twentieth century, something that did not happen to other art forms.[1] It shed any semblance of a disciplinary base. The term ‘Fine Art’ used to denote the traditional plastic arts – drawing, painting, sculpture – as distinguished, on the one hand, from other […]

Samantha Moore – Animating unique brain states

This paper will look at the term which Chris Landreth has coined for the way in which animation can depict internal realities; psychorealism. The term will be re-interpreted by the author and applied to her recent work. The paper will look at the challenges of working with subjective brain states and the ways in which the information collected can be verified. The paper will show how by dislocating elements of realism and re-placing them into the realm of animation psychorealism allows the audience to engage with the material differently.