Dirk de Bruyn – Re-processing The Mystical Rose

All our senses have their own space area of reference, and normally when we perceive we combine them all, what we see, hear, touch and smell all into the one area of space where we live. (Lee, 1971 p. 17) This essay explores the animation practice of Australian filmmaker Michael Lee, whose career spans the […]

Meg Rickards – Uncanny breaches, flimsy borders

Jan Švankmajer’s conscious and unconscious worlds Introduction The portrayal of a character’s subjective, ‘inner’ experience onscreen is an enduring challenge for the filmmaker. Many techniques for conveying fantasies or dreams, such as blurring the frame’s edges, cross-dissolves and bleached colour, have been used – from soap operas to advertising – to such an extent that […]

Cathryn Vasseleu – The Svankmajer Touch

I am a hand with six fingers with webs in between. Instead of fingernails I have petite, sharp, sweet-toothed little tongues with which I lick the world. Jan Švankmajer, Self-portrait, 1999 (2002, 6) Jan Švankmajer’s animated films are renowned for their tactile dimensions. Heads devour one another in devastating conversations, objects collide painfully with mismatched […]