Yen-Jung Chang – Strategies for a Reduction to 2D Graphical Styles in 3D Computer Graphics with Hybrid Aesthetics

In this paper, I present the development of conceptual strategies and technical ideas to create images and an animation with 2D graphical styles by using 3D computer animation tools. With an initial idea of reduction, a hybrid aesthetic was created through directly referencing animations produced by traditional hand-drawn technique. UPA’s (United Production of America) animation style, Japanese anime and a contemporary French animated short are the primary inspirations to achieve the hybridization in the imagery of this project. My approach is related to the category of Non-photorealistic Rendering (NPR) to distinguish from realistic oriented computer image processes. A set of strategies were induced through the visual experiments and the production of an animated short, Sophie’s Secret (Chang 2008). 3D computer techniques associated with this animation project are described and still images of this project are also presented.